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A Bit About Carol .....

     Carol Hall was a Certified Chiropractic Assistant, Chiropractic Nurse and Radiology Technician.  For years, she was an active contributor in the North Carolina Chiropractic Association (NCCA), teaching office procedure and insurance relations.  In addition, she served as President of the NCCA's ladies auxiliary and the Chiropractic Assistant Association.  During this time, she received many NCCA service awards and was instrumental in developing the American Chiropractic Registry of Radiology Technologist (ACRRT).  She also found time to be a loving, hugging wife, mother and grandmother.

     After working in the Hall Clinic as office manager for many years, Carol, as a chiropractic wife of a state Board member, began gratuitously helping the North Carolina State Board of Chiropractic Examiners administer licensure exams.  She was later asked to become executive secretary of the Board, a position she worked for over 30 years. Carol guided the state agency through years of political and statutory changes.  When she began, the Board had unfunded financial needs.  Through her efficient organization and management, the Board corrected its financial issues, keeping licensure fees at a minimum and building significant financial reserves. Carol represented the values of hard work, generosity, and integrity throughout her life.  While working for the Board of Examiners, she seldom if ever took any official vacations, just choosing to accept time from legal holidays and an occasional weekend.  

     Carol's work ethic was beyond reproach and in her last years with the Board, she spent 10 to 12 hours a day, six and sometimes seven days a week at her desk.  She loved her job and often referred to the candidates and licentiates as "my doctors".  She knew most all of the doctors in North Carolina by sight and name.  She was constantly on the phone helping chiropractic offices.  She organized the Board of Examiners meetings, managed public inquiries and complaints, set up hearings, provided instructions for hearing officers, met with the State accountants, wrote questions for chiropractic assistant and chiropractic radiologic technologist exams, organized and set up testing for the Board and still found time for family.

     Carol loved natural health care and saw the value of promoting chiropractic.  She experienced the difficulties of working during professional training, raising a family and starting a practice, all without the aid of any loans or gifts.  She worked with her husband and family to repay all tuitions and obligations and always had a special place in her heart for young licentiates needing some assistance in establishing their chiropractic life.

Carol Hall scholarship

Carol Leigh Hall, CCA, RT

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